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  • 17 Nov 2017
  • 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM
  • Nevada State Bank: 750 E. Warm Springs Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89119
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How many times of have you been instructed by senior management to create a training program or class on a specific topic by a specific day?  Did it sound something like this, “We need a class on leadership.  Can you put one together?”  Sure, you can put one together.  However, is this the right solution to his or her needs?

In this workshop, you will learn a simple model to set yourself up for success for having the right conversation with senior management, asking the right questions, and to get to the right solution.  

As learning and development professionals, we are in a unique position to design the best solution for the desired behavioral objective.  By only taking orders and not discussing end goals and matching those goals with THE BEST solution, you are doing yourself, your sponsor, and the company a disservice.

Join our discussion as we walk through what that strategic planning discussion could and should look like. 

About The Speaker

Dana Adams is a Learning and Development Manager for Nevada State Bank. Dana supports the growth and development of all colleagues across the NSB footprint.  His focus is on managing a team of training professionals to facilitate and design creative and innovative curriculum that support the vision, mission, and values of the bank. He encourages a strong partnership between lines of business and strives to enhance the learning and development business strategy.

As a certified coach and trainer of many different leadership models, Dana has several years of work experience and research on training transfer.  He has spent the last few years refining his ability to negotiate the best training solution for fellow colleagues of NSB.    

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